Structural Insulated Panel Installation

All of the floor framing is now complete thanks to the hard work of the Ellenwood Homes crew. Dominic’s contribution was also appreciated as we were preparing the 8 x 12 exposed timbers that hold up the second floor. The Warmboard radiant floor heating system was used on the first floor to provide the in floor heating.

The SIP wall panels and roof panels have also been installed. The roof panels sit on a ridge beam, and span close to 12 feet from the beam to the outside wall. The roof panels took about 3 days to install. We decided to work with an excavator to do the actual raising and setting. The panels are not heavy, and a crew of 3 can easily handle them. The key to a successful installation is in the appropriate use of the special panel sealant that comes with the system. Every panel is sealed to the previous panel, and to the supporting walls. Proper installation and use of the sealant is what provides the air tightness, which is crucial in energy efficient buildings.