Sylvain B., Slocan

The uniqueness of my situation made my choice of builder critical.  I was away 90% of the time during the planning and building stages of my house construction and my old house was falling down around me.  I needed a reliable and motivated design/build firm to execute the project within a certain time line.  I found a house I liked online and sent Marc the link.  From the pictures and rudimentary floor plan he and Lara drew up the plans and designed the house to accommodate my demands for green SIP construction.  Finalizing the design of a house can be a little daunting with all the details.  Lara made sure to have only 2 or 3 suitable choices of each layout, fixture or sample so I was able to make decisions without being overwhelmed.  Marc and Lara proved to be very accommodating with my ideas and their communication was open and easy.  In all, the project ran for almost one year start to finish and I now live in a beautiful and comfortable new home.