The Cost of Construction

I often get asked what the cost per square foot will be for both new homes and renovations. In some cases, we have a pretty good idea based on past projects and our combined experience. However, the cost per square foot can also be misleading. A better way to do preliminary pricing is to use assemblies to estimate. It can be as easy as breaking it down into the following categories:


square footage of living space

square footage of both covered and uncovered decks

additional bathrooms and kitchens 


Upgraded cabinetry and counter tops


Site services such as septic

Design and Engineering

GST and PST (taxes in general)

Building permits


When you talk about cost per square foot, just make sure you understand what exactly is included in that cost. A new home can be as little as $200.00 per square foot if you don’t inlcude many of these items, but it can add up to well over $300.00 per square foot if you factor in all these items.