Innovation Efficiency Cooperation


High-performance homes, built with integrity and efficiency.

Welcome to Ellenwood Homes. Since 2008, we have helped hundreds of families design, build and renovate their dream homes in the West Kootenays. From first-draft space plans, to stunning finishes and furnishings, and every step in between — we impart seamless integration and a consistent standard of excellence into every step of our efficient process.

We work closely with our clients to ensure your grandest visions come to life. Your highest expectations are the foundation of your home’s design and the guide for our meticulous cost-planning, project management, and building processes.

We approach the home as a whole, and ensure your vision comes to life with thoughtful interior design. Our goal is to get you comfortably settled into the mountain home you’ve been dreaming of — on time and on budget.

Your holistic build is much more than just a new home. It’s a personal expansion, an exciting new chapter, and a beautiful legacy for your family.


We’re building stronger communities, for a climate-forward future. 

With ongoing research into advanced Net Zero building methods, and a commitment to working with locally-sourced and low-impact materials whenever possible, we aim to stay at the forefront of the sustainable building industry.

All of our new builds are recognized through third-party certifications, including Built Green, Energy Star, and Net Zero. Our highest priority is to reduce the overall environmental impact and carbon emissions of your home, during both its construction and ongoing operation.

The result of putting this effort into efficiency? A home that’s comfortable to live in, more affordable to run each month, and one that you can feel great about.

We believe that responsibly built, energy-efficient homes contribute generously to progressive and resilient communities that we all benefit from.

At Ellenwood Homes, our priority is to leave a positive and lasting legacy on the built environment. We’re designing and constructing with a flourishing future in mind — and when you build with us, you’re contributing to this impact.


Meet Lara & Marc

Meet Lara and Marc, the husband-and-wife team who started Ellenwood Homes in 2008. 

Marc is a certified Architectural & Building Engineering Technician with extensive experience in the construction field. Lara is a talented Registered Interior Designer, experienced in creating beautiful, functional, and responsive spaces.

In 2010, the pair moved their burgeoning homebuilding business from Vancouver to Nelson, BC — a vibrant mountain town nestled in the Selkirk mountains, and a fantastic place to raise their son.

The guiding vision that Marc and Lara founded Ellenwood Homes on — to build energy-efficient homes using low-impact methods and locally-sourced materials — continued to drive their business moving forward.

Today, they’ve expanded into a team of sixteen people, and continue to stay on the leading edge of responsible and contemporary homebuilding.

When Marc and Lara aren’t at the office or on a jobsite, they can be found mountain biking, skiing, and hiking with their teenage son.

We’re proud to be a part of this experience. Let’s build the future you’ve been waiting for.