Innovation Efficiency Cooperation

Custom Homes and Renovations

Marc and Lara started Ellenwood Homes in 2008. After years of working in our respective fields in the industry, we committed ourselves fully to our vision. By the time we moved the business to Nelson, BC in 2010, we had learned a lot from our experience and we were clear on our guiding principles and values moving forward. We continue to lead in energy efficient design and construction and prioritize responsible use of low impact, locally sourced materials.  Creating better buildings is our way to give back to our community and to leave a positive legacy for the built environment. 


Innovation and creativity, combined with sound building science is what allows us to offer well-designed, energy efficient, resource responsible, and healthy homes. 

Our design and management teams are constantly researching the latest products and building techniques to harmonize function and style. 


Our main focus is to design, build and renovate with efficiency in order to optimize your investment. Homes are a complex combination of building systems. Efficient design and Our professional team members, be they on-site or in the office, look after all the details ensuring smooth project workflow.


Keeping projects on budget and on time requires detailed up front planning, professional project management, and extensive cooperation with our clients, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers. We have created a design/build process that is cooperative and exciting for our clients while avoiding the stress of unknowns and surprises.