From concept to completion, we design every detail.

Our experienced and talented team of building technologists, interior designers, and project managers work closely with you to design the comprehensive plans and specifications for the home that will work to its fullest potential for you. We create building designs for both our own internal process and, occasionally, for other builders.

We’ll walk you through the many options for design and construction, analyzing the costs and benefits of each, so that every element is selected with intention and care. Thorough expense-planning is an important part of this process, to ensure that your home suits not only your taste, but also your budget.

All our plans come with 3D modelling, so that you can easily visualize the final product and what your family’s life will look like inside your new or updated home.

We also offer leading-edge, integrative interior design — customized to the unique space we’ve designed and built, and seamlessly integrated with the home’s authentic character. We consider all the finishes, fixtures, and furnishings for your house, including product specifications, so that your home is harmonized and cohesive in both function and aesthetics.

Interior design is where we bring your home to life — and our talented team of Interior Designers and Technicians are committed to creating the home that suits your family’s flourishing best.

Take a browse through some of our recent designs below. To learn more about our full design process, please contact our office here