Heating and Cooling for High Performance Homes

We are always looking for innovative products for our homes and renovations. We recently installed a heating and cooling system for this highly energy efficient home that is truly innovative and efficient.

Minotair pentacare v12

The MINOTAIR PENTACARE-V12 is a combination Heat Recovery Ventilator and Heat Pump all in one compact air treatment unit. It controls the ventilation, temperature and humidity of your whole house. It filters, dehumidifies, heats, cools and renews the air to provide a healthy and comfortable environment all year round.

Energy Efficient Home

Rather than have 2 or 3 separate units, Minotair was able to combine them all into one compact unit that fits just about anywhere, which was under the stairs in this case. The service and support from Minotair is excellent, and the unit is performing well under all conditions.