Is a Laneway House right for you?

Laneway homes are a popular way to add additional living space or revenue at your property. That extra space can be used for adult children who are reluctant to leave the nest, aging parents, or caregivers; it can be an excellent solution for multigenerational living. If you have enough space in your home for guests and family, a laneway house can also simply provide housing for tenants in a tight rental market.

The first thing you need to confirm is if your property meets your City’s zoning regulations. A Feasibility Study would check the lot coverage of the existing building(s) on your property, the location of services, as well as parking availability. If those items meet the criteria, you could identify the size of laneway house that would fit then get a preliminary price for the cost of construction.

The City of Nelson has several ready-made plans available for purchase. You could also work with a designer to create your own custom solution. Give us a call if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your property.