Heritage Harmony

This lovely heritage house had a kitchen and bathroom that were out of character with the rest of the home and in need of repair. We enlarged the footprint of the kitchen by incorporating an underused adjacent space. Appliance and plumbing locations were also reconfigured for improved work flow. The new island provides additional seating while the wood accents warm up the space and tie in to other wood finishes in the home.

The enlarged garden doors bring in more light and a better traffic flow out to the patio and yard. The upstairs bathroom was also reconfigured to add a separate freestanding shower and tub. Even though the room size didn’t change, it feels so much more open and bright now. The custom floor tile updates a classic look and is easy maintenance. Fixtures and finishes throughout the kitchen and bathroom are in a simple transitional style so they blend with the existing traditional elements of the home, yet allow the modern style of the family to shine through.