Nancy and Mike B., Harrop

Our newly-purchased home was built in ’93 and when the realtor arranged a first showing in late 2016, my wife said, “This place has potential value but it needs a serious updating”.  At the same time, I kept thinking, “I think this house has good bones”.  So we bought it, moved into it and embarked on updating it with the help of Lara and Marc from Ellenwood Homes.  All excellent decisions.

Lara is educated and experienced in building and furniture design; Marc in construction and budgeting.  Add to that the varied skills of their main onsite contractors, Corey and Scott.  What a team!  We’ve never known better and if we were to tackle another job like this we’d choose these folks again…in a flash!

After a winter of renovating and selecting of new furniture – all guided by our team, we are totally thrilled with the outcome.  On top of that, we’ve gained very good friends in the process…

Mike and Nancy
at Allendell in Harrop