Your home, your way.

Our Custom Home packages bring your ideal house from dream to reality, through a series of seamless and efficient steps. By choosing to work with us in this comprehensive way, we’re ensuring you’ll end up with exactly the home you desire.

We design and build according to not only your highest expectations, but also the unique lot you’ve purchased. This site-specific design means the land you’ll be living on is maximized to its fullest potential.

We take an integrated approach to your home’s systems, so that the structure, building envelopes, and mechanical systems are all optimized. Form and function come together in a harmonized way, with an interior flow that’s supported by the building form.

Every custom build we complete is certified Built Green — a Canadian, industry-led certification that addresses several key areas of environmentally-sound building practices. These include energy and envelope, materials and methods, indoor air quality, waste management, water conservation, and more.

Please browse some of our recent projects below, and if you’re interested in speaking with our team about your ideas for a home, please get in touch with us right here.